Annexure VIII


Annexure VIII


Bank Details

1. Details of the Bank Accounts held by the Association.

2. Details of the Bank Account(s) maintained exclusively for receipt and utilization of FC.

3. Whether any foreign contribution has been received in any bank account other than mentioned at Sl.No.2.

4. Whether any local contributions are credited in the account(s) mentioned at Sl.No.2. If yes, provide details.

5. Xerox Copies of the statements of the Bank Account(s) in which foreign contributions were credited and utilized for the period from ………………to………………

6. Details of cash withdrawals made out the foreign contribution receipts during last 3 years.

Receipt and Utilization of Foreign Contribution

7. FC-4 returns for the last 3 years, duly supported by receipt and payment account statement, and balance sheet, exclusively for FC, duly audited by the Chartered Accountant.

8. Details of FC received, from …………to…………. of the association in the following format.

Sl. No. Date of receipt of FC Name of the foreign donor Amount of FC received (directly/ by way of transfer/as 2nd recipient) Bank account in which FC credited Whether Prior Permission (PP) from MHA obtained? If yes, file no. and date, name of the foreign donor and amount of FC for which PP granted (copies of the PP letters may be enclosed)


9. Details of FC transferred, if any, to other associations from ………to……….in the following format:

Sl. No. Date of transfer of FC

Name of the associations

to whom FC transferred

Amount of FC transferred Bank account from which FC transferred


10. The details of balances of FC and local FC in the following format (year wise):

Year Name of Fund Cash balance as on the date of submission of this reply
Cash in hand Cash with bank Details of each investment
In SB A/c As CDRs/FDs


Local Fund






11. Details of foreign contribution received in kind.

12. The details of utilization of FC received from…………….in the following format (year wise):

Year Total amount of FC received Amount spent on welfare activities Amount spent on administrative expenses Amount spent on acquisition of fixed assets Unspent amount at the close of each FY


Assets/investments made out of FC

13. The complete details of fixed assets acquired out of FC, viz. date of creation of assets, location, acquisition value of each such asset as on date along with Xerox copies of their title deeds.

14. Details of the fixed assets, if any, acquired out of foreign contribution and transferred to other beneficiaries for use along with the details of beneficiaries, viz. name, address, relationship with beneficiary and basis of selection of beneficiaries for extending assistance.

15. The details of investments made out of foreign contribution, if any, and held by the association as on …………. along with Xerox copies of their title deeds held by the association.

16. A list of vehicles purchased out of foreign contribution by association with make, model, value and Xerox copies of registration certificate (RC).


Other Details

17. Details of Organizations being managed/financially supported by the Association.

18. Whether any trustees/office bearers of the association are also trustee/office bearers of any other association. If so, provide details thereof.

19. Whether any of the trustee/office bearers of the association is a Govt. Servant. If so, specify   his/her role in the association.

20. Xerox copies of the correspondence between the association and the foreign donors specifying the purposes for which the foreign contribution was received and utilized.

21. Details of any income generation projects, if any, undertaken by the association out of FC, along with details like income earned and expenditure incurred from………….to……….

22. The details of employees deployed by the association indicating their nationality, role assigned, salaries paid per month/per annum and their relationship with Chief Functionary/Office bearers.

23. Details of cash payments of value Rs.20,000/- and above made during last 3 years.

24. Details of loans given and advances made from/out of FC from………….to………………

25. Details of loans taken from and repaid to the office bearers of the association from…to………….

26. Details of printing material/publications being brought out and distributed by the association during the last three years.

27. Mention the changes that took place in the governing body of the association in chronological order with names of the outgoing and incoming office bearers

28. Details of remuneration paid to the Chief Functionary/Office Bearers for discharging association’s work along with a copy of agreement executed with the donors.

29. Copies of the consolidated audited annual accounts statements for the period from ………to…… submitted to the Income Tax Department/Charity Commissioner/Registrar of Societies etc.

30. Whether the association is registered under Section 12 of I.T. Act, 1961. If yes, provide details.

31. Brief note on the activities of the association together with Year wise activity/agency/purpose wise utilization of FC during the years ………………………………..

32. Confirmation/undertaking that the information/details furnished above is extracted from the books of accounts and records and if required, they can present these books of accounts and records for verification.


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